Welcome to Fretboard Revolution

Hey everybody, I’m Mark. I’ve been playing the guitar since about 2002.  I am a huge student of all kinds of guitar music from classical, rock, blues to jazz. During that time I was taking guitar lessons and eventually started teaching for the same music studio in 2008. At the same time I was a computer programming student and was interested in building websites.  Which has led me to starting this project: FretboardRevolution.com.  As a teacher, I would get many questions from my students and parents about what some of the best guitars, equipment, books they should be using. This is what this site is for. 

FretboardRevolution.com provides you the most honest reviews about the best guitar related products you can buy with your money for guitar players of all levels. 

How I Create Content

All content that you will find on this website has been written and edited by me. And while I try to get as much hands-on experience with the products as much as I can, this may not always be possible.  However, I do visit local guitar shops around my area as well as ask other professional guitarists for their opinions to get to know the products a bit better.  FretboardRevolution.com is a place you can trust and is free of any brand sponsorship.  So you can use our information to decide which of these products are best for you or your young guitarist.